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Pleated blind

VP1U (top-down system, controlled by handle)

One of the more interesting proposals in sun protection systems in terms of functionality and aesthetics. This variant has two adjustable beams moved by handles, between which the fabric is located. It allows for covering any part of the window.

VP1S (top-down system, controlled by cord)

This is a version of a pleated blind with two movable beams, allowing for covering any part of the window. Control is done by a cord from the floor level, thanks to this solution, the blind can be used on high windows.

Window pleated blind

VP2U and VP2S (single-sided system controlled by cord or handle)

It is a single-functional system with one fixed beam and one movable beam. This solution allows for covering the window from top to bottom or from bottom to top, and the use of lateral cord guidance minimizes the deviation of the materials during use. There are two control options available: by handle (VP2U type) or by cord (VP2S type).


This variant of the roof shade is one of the best solutions, as tension wires preventing the gravitational fall of the fabric have been applied.